WARNING: This post relates only to slightly socially awkward, observers of life like myself. Bear with me and this lame expression of my frustration.


So, tonight, I decided to step out of my comfort zone for a bit. MY FIRST MISTAKE.

I went to celebrate with a pal of mine. It was fun. There were pictures, cake and everything went fine. It was fun. Too early, I left to go to another party. MY SECOND MISTAKE.

I knew it wasn’t my scene even before I got to the room. It was dark, with red and gold spot lights and it was noisy. Walking in, I was met with faces that I had seen so many times but which I had avoided talking too. I regretted not talking to them then.


The music was blasting from somewhere at the side of the room and I took my place at the other side, with the other onlookers.

Then I was asked to dance. I should’ve refused and I did for a while then I gave in. MY THIRD MISTAKE.

I knew it wouldn’t end well. Why did I bother? I should have just sat there by myself, doing nothing.

The dance floor was way too hot and filled with people that I didn’t know. There was someone behind me and someone in front of me. Every second, I had to push some jerk’s hand off my waist. I detested it. I felt suffocated. I felt violated.

Violated 01

I still feel violated. I can still feel the imprint of everyone’s hands on me. I didn’t feel like myself and I never want to go through such a thing again.

LESSON LEARNT- don’t try to go too far out of your comfort zone. I mean it’s fine once in a while but be true to yourself. So many people love to party and love to ‘turn up’ (which is a slang for party where I’m from) but I’m not one of them. My idea of a good time is settling down, Indian style in front of a big screen watching reruns of NCIS with a tub of ice cream. Yah, I know. I’m lame.

awkward specialty

So back to lesson learned

#1 Be true to yourself

#2 Don’t attend a party where you don’t know at least half the people invited

#3 Don’t drink the punch or water. It’s probably not punch or water

#4 Never go alone

#5 Get in and get out as fast as you can.

#6 Afterwards, wash the crazy off you and treat yourself with ice cream and NCIS reruns.