arrogant person

I hate it when people act like they’re better than others. I hate the overbearing way those people speak and act. And the way they walk, puffing out their chests, carrying themselves higher as though we can’t already see them, turning their nose up on others.


The most annoying part is that most of the time they have nothing to boast about and even if they do, they don’t have to shove it down our throats. And really, arrogance reeks of insecurity and low self esteem.

So why the sudden trash on trash-talkers?

Well, in my school right now, there’s this thing they’re doing where you nominate and vote people to receive awards such as most beautiful, most talented, best dressed (*rolls eye* as if there aren’t more important things). Anyways, there’s this guy who feels that he’s going to win an award. He’s just been all over the place running his mouth about it and it makes me sick.

It’s freaking annoying and i wish it weren’t true. I wish he wasn’t a shoo-in for the award but he’s pretty popular and you know how these things go- popularity contests. Well, there’s still some time before the award ceremony and hopefully, someone gets enough gumption to run against him.

It would be so hilarious if he stood up before time to get the award only to discover that he didn’t win. He would be like


Ha! That would make my day. No, my year…

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