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June 2016

WAR: colournote2


If you read the last post, colournote series #1, you’ll know that I’m cleaning out my colournote which is like a notepad app where I write down ideas and more importantly, where I dump down all those feelings that are too messy to talk about with people. So because of my packrat-ish nature, I’m averse to just deleting the notes because… well, because they’re a part of me. So instead, I decided to refurbish a few of them and turn them into not-so-good blog posts. So while you read this, you’re delving into the recesses of my mind where few have dared to enter and even fewer survive.

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METAPHOR: colournote1


So, if you are like me, you probably have a notepad application or something similar on your phone for those times when you’re in class or on the road and you really have to write something down. Me, I use colournote. For me, it doubles as a notepad for when ideas hit me at random times and as a diary. When stuff happen to me that make me feel sad or mad, I just take out my phone and start writing. The best part is that everyone thinks you’re texting. Ha!

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