Okay, so I apologize for being a little AWOL lately. So much has been going on in my life lately and so many emotions have been wracking through me. I’ve been writing but as usual when I’m overcome with emotion, I can’t write anything worth showing anyone so…yah, I haven’t been able to create anything worth reading. Just scribbles of ugly emotions. The worst part is that my colournote is even fuller than usual…*sigh*. Anyways I figured if I didn’t get another post off my colournote and on to the blog, I’d have nowhere else to write when the feels come (yes, it has been a hectic couple of weeks for me).

So here it is… be prepared, it’s awful.


HIM by no1nerd

I fell in love with him smell first.

There I was, sitting quietly waiting for the bus to start moving. Then this incredible scent wafted by me. I stilled and turned my nose upwards. It wasn’t strong or harsh on my lungs like usual. It wasn’t even something vastly manly. To me, it smelled like cardboard and the colour brown dashed with red. An auburn-mahogany colour comes to my mind.

Then someone plopped into the sit beside me and the scent all but surrounded me, subtly torturing my nostrils.

Heart suddenly beating fast, I turned slowly.

I fell in love with his face then. Angular and defined with dark eyes, bushy brows and a wide mouth. Huge glasses on the bridge of his nose, almost as huge as mine.

Then he spoke to the bus conductor and I fell in love with his voice. I never knew what it was he said. It was becoming very hard to see, hear or breathe anything that wasn’t him.

The bus lurched forward.

I tore my eyes from his face and contented myself with breathing in his scent, trying to hide the ridiculousness of my actions and barely resisting the urge to lean in and bury my nose in his coat jacket.

The bus stopped.

The boy stood up and stepped down. I turned and instinctively leaned towards him, somehow trying to stop him from leaving. I must have made some sort of noise because he turned my way and gave me a smile, wide and flashing white teeth.

And I fell in love with his smile.

The bus lurched again and I was still staring out the door.

Several minutes later, I turned forward, scent, face, voice and smile branded into my soul. My heart seemed to float in my chest, lighter, as if a huge chunk of it had somehow been taken away, no longer mine.

The bus stopped again. My stop.

So there I was, walking off the steps of that bus, forever changed.



Did I really write this? Urgh, I cringed just re-reading it. I wonder what possessed me to write something so pathetically sappy. Boredom probably.

Please don’t get the wrong idea. This whole piece was completely fictional. I made it up. There is no actual HIM. I was so completely bored when I wrote this- around mid-august of last year. That being said; if there was a HIM, he would wear glasses, smell nice and love the colour purple.

Adios mis amigos.