So, it’s times like this that I’m grateful for my friends. When one of them says something I really need to hear and in a clever way too, I’m like ‘wow, I’m so glad I met you.’ I’ve always wondered at the similarity of my friends, how a large percentage are usually Christians, most of them writers and all of them very clever, capable of thinking outside the box and saying the weirdest things in ways that make complete sense to me. From now on, I will no longer wonder. I will just be grateful for all of them.

Anyways, the particular pixel of wisdom that inspired this post came sometime yesterday afternoon. I was feeling a little overwhelmed about the enormous amounts of information I have to get into my head in time for exams (such is med school), and a friend of mine was dealing with some other issues. So there we were, sitting side by side, trying to console each other, while putting on our poker faces (you know, the one you give everyone so they don’t guess that you’re screaming inside), not even aware that we were being watched.

Then a mutual friend of ours approached us and after returning his Hi with our lack-luster ones, we turned back to our moping. But the guy didn’t leave.

‘You look troubled,’ he started, plunging our attention back to him.

We argued, of course, laughing off his comment but then he argued right back (apparently our posture, facial expressions and the fact that we weren’t laughing like idiots gave us away). After this, he said something that was too clever not to write down.

According to BJ, Life is like an ECG. For med experts (or those who watch way too much Grey’s Anatomy), you know this means an electrocardiogram. It’s that machine which shows wavy lines. These lines are actually a recording of the electrical activity in the heart. Okay, before I get all nerdy, I’ll just get to the point.

So an ECG looks something like this:


It has peaks and troughs or mountains and valleys.

This is life. Full of ups and downs. No matter what we’re going through, no matter how deep we feel the valley is, be rest assured that it’s only temporary. More peaks are coming our way.

Why can’t we have a wave free life?


Well, for those of you who watch medical dramas, when the patient is in a critical condition, you might notice that everyone’s attention is usually on the ECG. And what happens when the ECG ceases to produce waves? When those waves become give way to a straight line, what does that indicate?


So as long as we are alive, as long as our hearts keep beating, our ECG will be in waves. The only time the ECG is straight and free of peaks and troughs is when we’re dead.

So, please, disillusion yourself of the idea that life can ever be smooth sailing, that your relationships will ever be free of problems, that your career can be a straight line to the top. I’m sorry to disappoint you but we must face challenges. At some point or the other, we will find ourselves in a deep valley. The trick is to not lose hope. Trust that it is only temporary and that better days are coming your way. Be encouraged. Change your attitude. Improve yourself. Yes, maybe right now you are somebody’s maid or nanny or whatever but tomorrow, you’re gonna be someone great. Act like you believe it. No, do believe it, because it’s true.