Heyo! I haven’t written anything in a while, I know. It’s because I’ve been so busy. And I’m still busy. I just had to write this really quick before another month long hiatus. I just feel like it’s really appropriate for the new year.

So in a few days, I’m supposed to have a pharmacology exam which I have just started to fully study for (don’t even get me started on that). Anyways,  the very first topic I decided to tackle was anti-arrythmic drugs. It took me nearly three pages of jotting to realise i’d been spelling rythm differently from the way my text book did. Did u guys know that rythm was spelt rhythm, with a h before the y? I know right? Mindblowing and so completely worth a blog post.

Despite the sarcasm dripping from that statement, it was mindblowing. I’d been spelling rhythm wrong all my life.

So, when I realized this mistake, I thought no big deal. I’d just start spelling it right. Just like that. I soon found out that it was next to impossible. My hands were already so used to rythm that it completely rejected rhythm. No matter what I did, no matter how determined I was about spelling it right the next time I saw it, I’d get to a few words past it then look back and realize that I’d done it again.

Frustration burning in my chest,  I decided to just give up. I mean, who cares if I couldn’t write the word correctly, right?


It took me about 12 seconds to
reject that idea. In those 12 seconds I realized how similar this situation was to so many others.

I mean, how many times have you been corrected on a bad habit you have, huh? You know, the nail biting, the restless foot tapping, whistling, gum-chewing at inappropriate times, the midnight snacking( yes, I’m talking to you).


Some of us don’t even bother to try to stop. I remember when, before this epiphany, I would type in ‘rythm’ in a message then see the auto correct spelling of it. I would actually go back and remove that offending h, all the while swearing at auto correct. See, I thought I was right. I mean this was how I’d been spelling it all my life and as of yet, I haven’t failed a single exam for it. Yes, you’ve been biting those nails since your first day in 2nd grade (my own nail biting story- yes, u can add that to my growing list of bad habits). You’ve been gum chewing everywhere since you learnt about gum. You’re yet to receive any actual hell on it aside from those people who try to correct you. Like me with the auto correct, you shove their concerns away as wrong and misinformed. I mean, who’s it hurting, right?

Now to the ones who actually try
to stop and let’s give those few a round of applause for trying. But it’s harder than you thought and honestly not worth the effort. Might as well give up and stick to what you know, right?


See, life is about learning, trying, failing, trying again and eventually getting better. We shouldn’t stay stuck in bad habits because they’re comfortable or because you think they don’t have any actual effects because you know what? They do.


In those 12 seconds, I imagined answering an essay paper just littered with rythms. And the sombre face of some lecturer whose mother used to be an English teacher and made him now all strict about spelling and tense regardless of the subject matter. I imagined his slightly pudgy face screw up as he drew two big red lines across my paper, failing it without even finishing it.
Far fetched? Maybe, but some teachers do minus marks for wrong spelling. And in job interviews and very formal events, gum chewing and nail biting are generally frowned upon. Shocking, I know.

The point is, one day the only thing standing between you and your dreams could be this one little habit. So why self-sabotage ourselves? Why not just be dedicated to losing it now.

And what better time to set goals and make dedications than a new year?

It won’t be easy, trust me because even after writing rhythm 20 times on a plain sheet,  I still omitted the h a couple times when I went back to my note. So it won’t be easy but it’s definitely impossible if you don’t try. Habits are learned. They can be unlearned. This includes smoking, emotional shopping…actually you’d be shocked the things that come up when you Google ‘examples of bad habits’. Apparently skipping breakfast and eating meat are bad habits. Sigh, two more things I’m guilty of.


So this new year, my first resolution is to break into my bad habits, well some of them. My schedule won’t allow eating before 11 most times and I love me my meat but others like nail biting, stress/boredom eating, swearing, excessive gum chewing( like all the time- that bad), overspending, one-upping and some others that are too embarrassing to broadcast.

How do I plan to this? Well, I have this fullproof plan… actually,  I have no flipping idea. But the moment I do, I promise to share them. All I know is that I’m taking it one day at a time.


And on that note, I wish you all a Happy New year and I hope I’ve given you guys a couple good resolution ideas to add to your list this year.



P.S Can you count how many times I spelled ‘rythm’ wrong in this post. Sigh, I’ve got a long way to go.