I’ve noticed that most things I do in my life is due to a lack. I began cooking because the vendors in my school aren’t able to produce food up to the standards that my selective stomach craves. And it’s ALWAYS craving.
So I started to  cook, little by little, first just helping out my roommates then cooking for the whole room sometimes then a full-blown cooking spree. And I love it. Now, the moment I’m hungry, be it noon, midnight or those wee hours of the morning, I get cooking (so you can imagine I cook a lot).

Also, I began writing when I was 10, in 7th grade. Till then, the only books I’d found or been given to read were of ‘the wishing well or the magic bicycle by Enid Blyton’ variety. And while I’d loved those stories, I’d wanted more. Where was the drama, the romance, the thrill? And watching t.v then, my head would fill with so many different ways a movie could’ve ended. Discontinued series were the best. Well, they were the worst but because of that, they were the best seeds for my brain. I was literally bursting with stories. And since I hadn’t yet read any stories more dramatic than Jack and Jill tumbling, I decided to put my pen to paper. So I penned my first story. It was an unfinished highschool story (you know, those really cliche first day of school types) filled with gramatical errors and plot craters (not even holes). I later discovered that there were actually stories more dramatic than Enid Blytons out there but by then, it was too late. I was already lost to the torturous world of writing. And it was easier then as my inner critique was then, non-existent and my brain had not yet developed such a perfectionist attitude (I was actually letting people read it unfinished, craters and all). Now it’s more complicated but it’s still fun.

I like to create things mostly because there is a marked lack of colourful, unique things in my side of the globe or at least in my little niche.

In fact my whole personality is born out of a lack of people like me, who laugh too much, take life in stride and are annoyingly optimistic (meaning the world is too serious and cynical for me to be so too).

Anyways, you’re probably wondering the point of all this. Okay, so the earth (world) we live in is not perfect. It’s a sphere of gas and chemicals that is slowly dying. Heck, it isn’t even a perfect sphere (finding that out broke my childhood). And it’s filled with people who lack something or the other. Most things we have today- the internet, cars, even bobby pins were born out of a lack- lack of easily accessible information and communication, of a faster way of moving than horseback, of a way to keep our hair out of our eyes.

Thus, my 3rd resolution of the year is to open my eyes to the lack. We see them everyday. Heck, we experience some of them daily. We just need to actually do something about them. If you have an idea that could make a task easier (e.g studying- yes, please), then chase it, develop it. Despite the world being so advanced, there’s still so much that can be done so please, next time you groan about how difficult a task is, don’t just use your mouth. Involve your brain and find a way to make it easier. The world will deeply appreciate it.