‘Why nerd?’ I hear you thinking.

Well, my definition of NERD is probably different from yours. I’m a nerd because I love books and because I’m smart…ish. So, deal with that.


cropped-bonkers.jpgHi, My name is Joanne. People tell me on a daily basis how weird I am. I guess they don’t realize that to me, that’s a compliment. am weird. I laugh at inappropriate times, I trip on my own two feet, I goof off when I really should be paying attention, I love spicy food, I do stupid stuff but I love myself, exactly as I am. How about you?

See, I see life as one big story book with God as the author and just like every story, it is told from a character’s point of view. Everything that happens are part of the character’s plot trail. And in most books, at least the one’s I’ve read- and they are many- the plot has a basic layout. First, everything that could possibly go bad goes bad and the character suffers and then there’s ROCK BOTTOM. At this point, things are as bad as it could ever get. The character is miserable and weary. She (pardon my tiny bias) has to make a decision. To give up or to continue the journey. Now, any kind of protagonist that is worth reading about would choose the second one. From this point, things start to look up. Because the protagonist has learnt from all that bad experiences, she is able to navigate out of rock bottom and turn a disaster into a miracle. And then good things starts to happen, things bigger what she might have lost in the bad stage. And then comes the Happy ending which may not always have the protagonist achieve the goal she started out with, but in which she would always be better off than she was at the beginning. So, this is my analogy of life. Naïve or whimsical? Maybe, but it gives me hope. It reminds me that when things are at their worst, it means good things are just round the corner.