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Okay, so I apologize for being a little AWOL lately. So much has been going on in my life lately and so many emotions have been wracking through me. I’ve been writing but as usual when I’m overcome with emotion, I can’t write anything worth showing anyone so…yah, I haven’t been able to create anything worth reading. Just scribbles of ugly emotions. The worst part is that my colournote is even fuller than usual…*sigh*. Anyways I figured if I didn’t get another post off my colournote and on to the blog, I’d have nowhere else to write when the feels come (yes, it has been a hectic couple of weeks for me).

So here it is… be prepared, it’s awful.

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It’s a known fact that girls are almost always more attracted to the bad boy than the perfect, nice guy.


This is one of the grand irony of life. Good girls love bad boys. The guy that rides the black, skull-crested power-bike, sports the black leather jacket and wears the dark shades. Or maybe it’s just the guy in your year that hardly comes for classes and when he does come, it’s maybe ten minutes to the end and all he does is make noise. He’s either the very loud, obnoxious guy that flirts with a lot of girls or he’s the mysterious guy that keeps to himself and has all the girls falling for him. Most times though, they’re good-looking, flirtatious and act like they don’t give a damn about anything.

So, what exactly is the lure of the bad boy? We know that they’re no good for us so what makes us like them so much?

Well, I don’t promise to be any kind of expert but aside from the obvious qualities- confident, mysterious, exciting, I think it’s because they’re generally unattainable. People usually want what they can’t have. Girls are no different. We want to be the one to redeem him. We tell ourselves that even though he has left a trail of broken hearts, we’ll be different, that he’ll be good for us. We give excuses for each of his rash, crazy and insensitive actions. Sometimes, those wild, crazy actions even thrill us. God knows why but sometimes, it makes us like him more.


A friend of mine says that fiction is what is wrong with the world and as a fiction freak, I’m totally against this but maybe he has a point in this case. It’s fiction that makes us believe that bad boys reform and that reformed bad boys make the best boyfriends, husbands and so on.Fiction is what causes us to see bad boys in a light far rosier than they actually are. But that’s exactly what it is: FICTION.

So what do we do when plagued with something as inconvenient as a bad boy crush?


My advice- and remember, I don’t promise to be any sort of expert– is to remember that bad boys hardly ever reform. And also remember that there’s nothing wrong with the guy that’s put together. He’s the safe choice and maybe that’s not always attractive and exciting but after a hectic day of life, won’t it be nice to just relax while he takes care of you instead of facing the drama that inevitably comes with the bad boy? Besides who says that just because they are the nice guys, they don’t have a lot of crazy going on in their head. You’ll be surprised.


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