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HIM: colournote3


Okay, so I apologize for being a little AWOL lately. So much has been going on in my life lately and so many emotions have been wracking through me. I’ve been writing but as usual when I’m overcome with emotion, I can’t write anything worth showing anyone so…yah, I haven’t been able to create anything worth reading. Just scribbles of ugly emotions. The worst part is that my colournote is even fuller than usual…*sigh*. Anyways I figured if I didn’t get another post off my colournote and on to the blog, I’d have nowhere else to write when the feels come (yes, it has been a hectic couple of weeks for me).

So here it is… be prepared, it’s awful.

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WAR: colournote2


If you read the last post, colournote series #1, you’ll know that I’m cleaning out my colournote which is like a notepad app where I write down ideas and more importantly, where I dump down all those feelings that are too messy to talk about with people. So because of my packrat-ish nature, I’m averse to just deleting the notes because… well, because they’re a part of me. So instead, I decided to refurbish a few of them and turn them into not-so-good blog posts. So while you read this, you’re delving into the recesses of my mind where few have dared to enter and even fewer survive.

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METAPHOR: colournote1


So, if you are like me, you probably have a notepad application or something similar on your phone for those times when you’re in class or on the road and you really have to write something down. Me, I use colournote. For me, it doubles as a notepad for when ideas hit me at random times and as a diary. When stuff happen to me that make me feel sad or mad, I just take out my phone and start writing. The best part is that everyone thinks you’re texting. Ha!

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