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Everyone who knows me knows that Disney was and is a large part of my life. Disney has made me who I am today. Well, God did and is doing that but with a big help from Disney. In fact, Disney is probably the reason I was so receptive to the notion of a higher power out there. Through it, I learnt to believe in something greater than myself. I learnt that all things are possible through faith, hope and a little pixie dust (which I equal to prayer). The way I see it, Disney set the tone…sort of primed me to believe in God. And now I do and I’ve experienced him and there’s no turning back for me. Disney taught me to be strong, to be brave, to never give up; that believing in impossible things and chasing after them like they’re possible makes them possible. It taught me that if you lie, your nose grows a mile long (Pinocchio), that beneath the most hideous, hardened beast could beat a heart of gold (beauty and the beast), that sometimes you stand out because you’re meant to (Tarzan, jungle book), that sometimes to find your purpose in life, you must venture out of the known into the unknown, even if it means turning a tail into legs (Little mermaid), that gender doesn’t limit your possibilities (Mulan), that growing up doesn’t necessarily mean letting our imagination die (peter pan), that ‘Ohana means family and family means no one gets left behind or forgotten’ (Lilo and stitch), that girls can be the heroes too (Mulan, Frozen, Brave etc.), that you must pursue your dreams even if you hit a detour like say, getting turned into a frog (princess and the frog).





Lately, I’ve been thinking of all the things I want to do. I want to write, I want to make a living out of helping people, I want to make a movie… For as long as I remember I’ve had these dreams in my mind, sheltered, safe. I can’t count the number of story ideas I have swimming in my head but whenever I sit down with a pen and paper- or behind a screen, I’m paralyzed with the thought that I won’t make it. It’s like a niggling voice at the back of my mind, telling me that whatever I write will be no good. Then I push myself from the computer- or toss the paper and pen- and go watch NCIS. I still had those dreams but as long as I didn’t make a move towards making them reality then I could convince myself that I was good. I didn’t want any other person’s opinion but mine. I told myself that I wasn’t a coward, that I could do it- that I would do it. I gave myself excuses. It’s not the right time… Ive got so much to do… I need a new laptop first. It was utterly ridiculous. What I didn’t realize- or what I ignored was that by not doing anything, I was giving fear the chance to rob me of my dreams.


That’s what fear does to us. It deceives us by wrapping us in a bubble where we’re safe from rejection or hurt, where our dreams can remain coated with stars without the harsh stain of reality blackening it.

FEAR is not our friend but a prison. It keeps us from doing so many things. Think about it. If we weren’t scared of heights, we could have scaled mount Everest by now or sky dived over the Atlantic. If we weren’t afraid of water, maybe we could’ve gone scuba-diving to the bed of the ocean where all kinds of beautiful things exist. We could’ve discovered a new kind of aquatic flora. Who knows?

So this is what we need to do with fear. We need to kick it in the rear end and toss it out the window. A life lived in fear is not worth living at all. We need to take baby steps. Instead of climbing the rather intimidating Mount Everest, how about we start by taking the elevator or getting on a roller-coaster. Instead of jumping right into the ocean, we can start by wading our feet in the shallow end of the swimming pool. We need to focus on the positive and have faith. Yeah, you could fall or drown but you could also have the best time.

Me? I started this blog. This is my small step towards expressing my creativity. And yes, I know that I could fail but I’ve decided not to let that bother me anymore. This is what I want to do.

So join me and abandon fear or at least don’t let it tell you what you can and can’t do.

Think about what you would do right now, if you couldn’t get hurt. Now go ahead and do it.


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