This is a colorful list of all the stuff I want to accomplish in my lifetime. Rather than calling it a bucket list which I find depressing, I’m calling mine a 100 before 100 list.

First things first…



  1. I’ll write a book. This isn’t a someday scenario. This WILL happen. It has to. I have all this characters and stories in my head that I have to get out of my system. They may not be any good and they’ll probably not sell but at least they’ll be out there.write-a-book-1024x680
  2. I’d love to teach. To be able to give understanding to little minds, to inspire them, to make a difference in their lives. One way or another, when you teach, you are changing the world, one little mind at a time.
  3. Make a difference with my medical degree. I won’t just be a regular doctor. I want to do something spectacular. I haven’t figured it out yet but I will.
  4. Make my parents proud. They take good care of me and one day I’ll make them proud of me.
  5. Read 10,000 books. I want to be able to fill a typical sized library with all the books I’ve read.
  6. Read the entire bible.
  7. Start a book club.
  8. Read all the works of Shakespeare.
  9. Go ice skating.
  10. Race cars.
  11. Sky diving. It would be like flying.extreme-sports-full-of-adrenaline-01
  12. Go canoeing.
  13. Learn to surf.
  14. Learn to roller skate.
  15. Ride a power bike.
  16. Go paragliding.
  17. Fly. Don’t roll your eyes. A girl can dream.
  18. Go scuba-diving with an underwater camera. And while am at it, I’ll go look for Atlantis.
  19. Tour Europe.
  20. Visit an authentic castle.travel
  21. Make a movie.
  22. Watch a 7d movie.
  23. Do karaoke.
  24. Learn a foreign language.
  25. Learn to waltz.waltz.jpg
  26. Dance a real choreography on a stage in front of actual people.
  27. Design a clothing line.
  28. Make a perfume.
  29. Learn to read hieroglyphics.
  30. Learn to use chopsticks.
  31. Learn karate.
  32. Learn to fence.
  33. Use a real sword.
  34. Learn to play chess.
  35. Chase down perps on a real police case.
  36. Go to a live concert.o-ROCK-CONCERT-facebook.jpg
  37. Go to a live game. Baseball, basketball, tennis-doesn’t matter.
  38. Plan the perfect wedding. Doesn’t have to be mine. It just has to be a wedding
  39. Eat Indian food.
  40. Go to a popular museum.
  41. Go Christmas caroling.
  42. Dress up for Halloween.
  43. Eat food from all over the world.food
  44. Build a snowman
  45. Go into space.
  46. Attend a ball.
  47. Learn to fly a plane.
  48. Play a real virtual reality video game.
  49. Fall in love.
  50. See the northern lights in real life.northern-lights.jpg
  51. Have a 19th century themed curiosities room. I’m an obsessive pack-rat and one day, I’ll have a room where I’ll keep all the knick-knacks that I collect over the years.
  52. Have twins. A boy and a girl.
  53. Learn to play the guitar.
  54. Be invited to give a speech.
  55. Learn to shoot a gun. So y’all better watch out.
  56. Live in an igloo.
  57. Have my own antique shop.
  58. Swim in the infinity edge pool in Skypark, Singapore.800px-2012-12-30_Marina_Bay_Sands_infinity_pool.JPG
  59. Rope swing into water. This would be cool.
  60. Cook exotic food.
  61. Get a tattoo.
  62. Be in car chase.
  63. Go bowling
  64. Play laser tag
  65. Play paintball war
  66. Play a virtual reality combat game

I’ll keep adding to the list. Whenever I accomplish any one, I’ll cross it out.

I think it’s absolutely necessary to have a 100 before 100 list. You’ll probably never do them all but at least you’ll have fun trying. So what’s on your 100 before 100 list?